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piano keys

  Lessons Made for All Needs    

Piano Lessons

Lessons will be given to serious students. The curriculum allows students to become well versed in accompaniment, theory, and execution of their instrument. Students will be able to articulate and modulate every key with fluency.

Organ Lessons

In an effort to make great students, the instructor will challenge each student to the highest level. The student’s ability to utilize this instrument with fluency and precision will be sharpened. After receiving instruction for this instrument, students will have vast knowledge of how to play the organ and how to create different sounds and arrangements.

Sound and Production

Hearing! Not only will we teach students how to play but our students will learn how to hear. Hearing is critical in playing music. With these tools, students will have entry level knowledge of what they are listening for in the audio division. After being exposed in this area, our students will have an understanding of why audio is vital to their gifts.

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